Strategic Marketing Plans.

“It all starts here”

The foundation of your success is directly linked to the detail in your plan. Odysea works closely with clients to define objectives, clarify target markets, and develop key messaging. Tailored campaigns and strategies will be created to reach your target market and ultimately increase customer leads and sales.

Tactical Marketing Plans

“Your mixtape”

Print, Digital, Social, Influencer, and email marketing….. Once the strategy is set, we create your mixtape, manage budget allocation, plan and negotiate all media, oversee creative production, and get the right message in front of the right people.

All plans incorporate clear KPI’s to measure success, with reporting, reviews and campaign adjustments.

Brand Development & Social Content Strategy

“The stories you tell to build your tribe”

The difference between a good and great brand is how they tell their story. Odysea will help elevate your brand and craft your messages so they are told in the most compelling way to your target audiences through social and online content strategy.

Partnerships, Grants & Report Writing

“Connecting and aligning brands”

Odysea are strategists with creative blood and will write the words and design proposals that connect brands.

We network, create, and negotiate strategically driven partnerships that are the right brand fit and ensure both parties benefit from tailored collaborations.

Media & PR

“Making friends with the media”

Odysea has a network of media contacts to call on when the timing and pitch is right. Let us do the hard yards to get your events and stories seen and heard.

Activations & Events

“Bringing your brand to life”

Whether it’s a product launch, expo activation, or exclusive VIP evening, Odysea can bring your brand to life creating the long lasting impressions and memorable experiences.

Odysea Network

“It takes a village”

Odysea partners with a number of designers, web developers, digital strategists, and copywriters to ensure that that you receive expert advice and solutions for all your marketing needs.